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Post Why am I receiving a SYSDUMP.TXT error in the game?

Why am I receiving a SYSDUMP.TXT error in the game?

SYSDUMPs are generated by the game when the game tells Windows (using DirectX) to perform a function. Windows then instructs the hardware (using the hardware\'s drivers) to generate the image or sound. If for any reason there is confusion in the process, you receive a sysdump.

We have also found that Athlon and Duron motherboards with VIA and AMD chipsets are much more sensitive to proper driver installation than any other configuration. Be sure to update all of the following to the most recent available from each manufacturer:

- The latest BIOS for your particular motherboard

- The latest Chipset drivers for your motherboard, including the latest AGP Miniport driver

- The most recent video card and soundcard drivers for your system

Make sure that no anti-virus software is running in Windows when you play the game (especially Norton Anti-Virus). These programs conflict with the normal processes of the game and may be the source of your system crashes.
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