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Originally Posted by TitaN-R2K View Post
Well not sure what happened.

Haven't played the game for a week due to class, but just tried playing DFX and the resolution is not the same like the last time I played. Closed out of it and opened up BHD...same issue. Between the 2 games it seems like its not supporting widescreen!
-Opened up JO:TR and it seemed to be just fine at the menu.

Anybody else ever run into this problem or know what I'm talking about.

Like I mentioned before I never messed with any of the setting since I installed the games and they all worked fine a week ago when I played last. All 3 games would fit the size of my screen during menu and in-game play time and now its smaller.

Any help would be great!!!

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Check out the file game.cfg and see if the res settings match yours. make a backup but I assume you can reset the game by deleting the data or the file therfore making the game reconfigure (test) your video settings


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