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Post How do I use the RAT?

How do I use the RAT?

The remote admin tool must be set up by a host in order allow access to a server from a remote administrator. The host will need to set the admin.cfg file with login information in order to allow users of the RAT to access to the server. If desired the IP ranges allowed access to the server can even be limited along with normal name and password security.

Once logged in to the server via the RAT, pressing enter without typing any text will bring up a list of command types or commands. The basic commands available are Quit, Get, Set, Mission, Player, Weapon, and CMD.

The "Quit" command will exit the RAT utility.

The “get” command type will provide information to the RAT user like what the current host settings and map list is. The available options for this command are "get gamestate" or "get gamesettings" which tell you what the server is doing and what the game settings respectively.

The “set” command type allows the RAT user to change host settings such as start delay and friendly fire settings. An example of how this command would be used is "set tracers 0" which would turn tracers off in the game.

The “mission” command type allows the user to alter the maps that are played on the server and the order in which they are played as well as cycle through available maps.

The “player” command type covers all player related command like punting, banning, team switching and score zeroing. These can be applied to either one player or all players in the game (example will kill the 23rd player in the game while will punt all players currently in the game.

The “weapon” command type allows the host to change what weapons are allowed in the game, limiting them totally or simply requiring players to acquire weapons in the armory. When entering weapon related commands be sure to use “weapon” rather than “weapons” or else the RAT will not recognize the command.

Finally, the RAT offers the “CMD” or command mode. This allows remote administrators to use the in game command prompt (~) just like a local user. The RAT user simply needs to type in and the server will execute any command prompt based features.
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