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Post How do I remap "Joystick" buttons?

How do I remap "Joystick" buttons?

In the main menu, go to the Options screen by either pressing the Options button or the “O” button on your keyboard. Once there, select the "Controls" tab and then the "Joystick" sub-tab.

To enable the use of a joystick, the checkbox labeled "Joystick" must be checked. You can also reverse the "Y" axis on the joystick by clicking the checkbox labeled "Invert joystick ‘Y’ axis".

Now that you are in the remap menu, select the action you wish to remap by double clicking on the line that it appears in. The right column will show "???" when it is ready for a new button assignment. Press the button on the joystick that you want to associate with the action and, once you’ve mapped all of the joystick keys you want to, press “OK” in the bottom right corner of the screen.
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