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Originally Posted by Stand View Post
The objects that Nova logic used in their game for destroyable objects the husk is really not there i'm using my own husk to use for less resource.

Some of the oil tankers that do explode will have an new husk instead of the old version that you used to play with NovaLogic.

I made the husk for all vehicles and destroyable objects to show up that there's nothing there because I know it uses a lot of resources using the X fiction of the model.

A lot of my objects that I added in like the nuclear missile, nuclear missile Warheads, new satellite dishes, rocket dish, spotlight,new radio equipment the 50 caliber, the mk19 shield, instead of the minigun shield Does not blow up!

the old tankers from Novalogic the old tankers from Deep Jungle the bridges from delta force extreme and joint operations some of the boats that joint Ops had there are a couple gas cans that are destroyable as well.

The reason to this is because I'm not trying to copy off of any other mod I used all new weapons that I bought with my own money I bought a lot of new vehicles flyable helicopters gunships transporters 2 mi-24 Hind gunship new little bird gunships comanche gunship all new tanks four wheeler dirt bikes flyable Jets Blimp from World War II planes and New style planes some of the jets can fit two players and some of them can fit one.

all new iron sights all new tank scopes all new helicopter pipes and iron sight all new weapon sounds for the newer weapons new sounds for the a-10 Warthog for the gun and the a-10 Warthog I put eliminate ai in because there is an invisible AI that you can use the drones to put a newer feel inside your map.

you got ground drones you got air drone you got the standard AI with stingers and javelin and RPG you have three different sniper Ghillie suit AI to snow desert and grass you have the yeti that I put in myself for snow Maps to bring back df1 game play you have a horse a new gator a bear a great white shark and one bird 3 ak47 3 pkm with snow desert and grass cammo.

This mod took me at least 3 years by myself putting it all together making new weapon templates making a lot of the vehicles work in the game lining up all the iron sights in the right positions making all the new sounds sound realistic.

I said of Syfy I don't have anything wrong about Syfy I love sci-fi but a lot of the issues that I've had in the past my sounds did sound like crap and they were really loud, and I do remember a lot of people saying that they wanted to see certain things inside the game, and I do remember those things and I tried my best from years ago I listened to the community while I did this mod, and I put those certain objects inside the game and made them work.

So if you guys that still are in the community that came out with an idea and you see it inside this mod that is from your idea all I had to do is put it inside the game I did my best and all I have to do is sit back and relax and watch you guys play it and post replies about how it plays but one other thing I am coming out with a novalogic Terrain pack bringing the Delta Force xtreme 2 terrain's in the rest of nova logic's terrain's into this mod no other but nova logic terrains will be in a terrain pack for this mod and that's it.
Good work and good luck

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