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Originally Posted by dave61 View Post

Don't get me started on that free GOLD crap or I'll rant also !!

I aggree with you on the NOVA games ... I'm not getting my hopes up for DF:AF after being let down with DFX2.
LOL @ Nova taking features away from their game that were there before, and charging for them (and calling them "Gold.") Gold has been an epic failure. I, and everyone else on the Nova forum told them that years ago (that pay to play is a dumb idea and would make them fail).

Pay to play with niche games is the dumbest idea ever. It causes them to die off and lose their community within a year.

I also love how their servers were still crappy, laggy, and unmoderated, yet they're charging for them now. Horrible. I can't believe anybody in their right mind would have actually paid to play on laggy servers with 4 maps that look like they took 5 minutes to make.

It's sad, because Nova games used to be so original (they never felt polished, but everyone understood that they were a small company, and their games were really fun and different from others). Now, they're trying to be like other companies with garbage policies and in-game nerfs. So much wasted potential.

If anything will save DF:AF, it's Nile Studio. DFX2 was junk, but the only thing that made it fun was the mission editor. Without the MED, Nova would be bankrupt by now. Imagine what a crappy game DFX2 would have been without it - even 'Big Rigs, Over the Road Racing' would have been funner to play.
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