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If it ever comes out, you can almost guarantee that it will be out dated compared to games already being played.

The main distinguishing features of DF games are "large maps" and " "large number of players on maps". I hope nova don't sacrifice these just to provide eye candy.

I also hope they forget about tanks,aeroplanes and helicopter gunships DF:AF doesn't need them (Joint Operations probably has the best balance of vehicles).

For a game that consists of running around shooting people, I would have thought they would have spent some time improving the things you shoot with.
After 11 years making the same game, they should have the weapon ballistics pretty well nailed by now.
There should be a nice range of modern weapons (G36, SCAR-L/H etc.) and have modular accessories.

There are a lot of "gold" accounts about to run out and if nova want players to stay, they will have to extend them for free or start making noises about DF:AF.

Nova have stated that DF:AF is not just DFX2 with better graphics. I hope it won't be, if it ever comes out.

The problem with nova is that they don't properly support there games. A nova game gets about 2 patches and is then left to die. There is absolutely no reason to believe DF:AF would be any different.

Anyway, you will know that DF:AF will be released when they start updating .

End of RANT.

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