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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
There are plenty of these on eBay, have you looked there? I purchased a few new copies of DF2 and LW a few months ago, as well as DFX2. I just saw a new copy of Task Force Dagger in box sealed for like $10 a couple weeks ago.
I actually just picked up TFD last night from a new eBay listing. I hadn't seen it for 3 months until then.

I see 1 decent copy of DFX. It's in decent shape but for $25. I hate that there are so many listings that just have stock photos listed and don't describe the packaging (99% are just jewel cases). I guess most people are after the actual game, so it probably doesn't matter to them.

I don't think DFX2 got a cardboard box release. I think by that time they were all the plastic DVD cases. I see 1 of those on eBay, so I might grab that.
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