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'The Usual Rules'

The Usual Rules for The GFX Comps are (based on Sb's rules):

>No Racism
>No Porn
>No Graphic injury images
>No Ripping / Images must be made by you!
>Max 3 entries per comp per person
>The winner of the previous weeks competition is not elligable to win the current competition
>Novahq can use entered images as partof the novahq site with the authors permissions
>Members of the sig team are inelligable to enter
>High Rollers ARE elligable to enter, as long as they are not members of the sig team
>Posts are for entering the competition only, warning and/or temprary bans will be given!
>Novahq mayedit these rules if needed, we will advise if this happens

The Decision of the Novahq staff is final, theres no appeals process

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