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Post How do I install "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising"?

How do I install "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising"?

1. Insert the "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising" disc into the CDROM drive of the computer system you wish to install the game on.

2. The install page should start automatically. If not, click "Start" then "My Computer" and then double click the drive showing the "Joint Ops" icon.

3. Now click the "Install" button to start your installation.

4. Click next to start the install process.

5. This screen is the product license agreement. You will need to thoroughly read this and check the box that says "I accept the terms of the license agreement" before you will be able to click next.

6. At this point you will need to find the product "CD-Key" and enter it into the blank field in the center of the page again allowing you to click next. The “CD-Key” is located inside of the printed paper sleeve of the CD case and should look like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

7. Here you can see the default location of where the installation will be or you can click browse to find a different directory to install to. Click “Next” once you have created a directory.

8. This next page allows you to configure the placement of your shortcuts and installation of Punk Buster. Click “Next” to start the installation.

9. After the install, you will be asked to register the game either online or offline or you can choose not to register by clicking “Cancel”.

10. The install process will next prompt you to install Punk Buster if you selected to install it earlier in the installation process (step 8.) Click “Next” to begin installing Punk Buster. If you did not choose to install Punk Buster, skip to step 12.

11. You will have to read the Punk Buster license and then click “Accept” before you can proceed with the installation.

12. After you click "Finish" to complete the installation of Punk Buster you will see the last page. Here you choose to "View Readme" or to "Launch Game" once you have closed this window. Press "Finish" to end the installation process and enjoy your game!
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