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Originally Posted by stompem View Post
A few serious questions regarding Steam...

1. I assume it's (The MOD) Java script, is resident in memory and that it uses real time scanning to detect the game state (markers and collision models etc).

Assumption: If so this might be a problem with the Valve anti cheat system, many similar "innocent solutions" have resulted in people being banned.

Anti-cheat systems actively look for these types of things and can classify them as possible TSR's.

As far as I know any unidentified TSR's are automatically declared malicious and this will trigger the banning process which is automatic and has no appeal process at all.

2. Presumably it's not able to be manually controllable or exploitable once executed.

Assumption: Even discounting the possibility of tampering by the host, this type of app may also pose a risk to players if an attacker uses one the host of various script injection methods to which, historically speaking, Java is notoriously vulnerable.

3. Is the script open to editing?

4. Do I really have to be a member and sign up with NexusMods to try it out or is it available anywhere else?
You can download the mod from here or you can manually download it from Nexus Mods. All the stuff is included in the zip file. Hosts will not get VAC banned because #1, JO does not use a VAC system even with STEAM and #2, it's the host that needs to run this, not the clients.

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