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you can talk about this with a lawyer with in your state or country

they can look to see what needed to be cover for this.

some lawyers will talk it over for free about the Id to see what is needed.

you can talk free in the forum, but bottom line it very from location your in not all things are the same when it comes to the law of the land.

as for donation to your site! i would think you could use some of the funds to promote it in a deathmatch by getting say (Sample or any game) DF: Angle Falls for first in a death match the finnal 5 players out of 50 players (or 100 players) make it till the very end wins a free game for each of them or money change hands that the winner has to pay Taxes on the winnings for their location, like a source income.

but a lawyer would know better end and out!

filing the paper work by the lawyer would cost some money it very were you located in country or state.

alot of times lawyers would know and tell you how much it would cost before doing any of the paperwork up on this or they looking into it and let you know after they did some research on it.
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