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will i did the bios test on all of them new Memory Modules, they all pass flying colors, last night another bug came up, 500gb sata hard drive drive windows 10pro OS C: die

couldn't get pass bios bootup keep on saying there no operation system to use, did full bios test on conforation test, hard drive fail, disable one at a time, if it pass then unplug that one HHD on to the next one it did fail. tower now has 2ea hdd (inside tower) with 1T each of outside of tower, total 2tb inside

thank god i can USB Stick with windows 10 64bit installer in it, swap out 500gb for 1tg hhd then final test all hard drive pass no errors to them. started mednight till 11am next morning. wipe out all data on all HHDs all three of them, totally blank, then install win10pro 64bit in

just play it safe i tested full battery of test on everything in bios, everything pass

my system has 3ea 1tb hhd, two of them 1tb hhd were wipe clean of all data, broken 500gb all so was remove of all data as will. it look really old 2002 area

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