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day with broken back

working on rider mower
1.) greasing it.
2.) lay under the deck remove blades to sharping, with power tools.
3.) check all tires air 12-15psi
4.) kneel, sit, lay on the ground move around, bent over to do things with hands. bending over longer over time is very painful! i sit then stand some time back will not let me stand at all, have to push my self to stand up!
5.) tune up check: air filter (it was nasty) hot soap water clean now, fuel filter (replaced reuse able one), spark plugs (nasty all clean now)

take power tools out of the house to grinder, air compressor 20gal, all the tools with this unit. elec-drill mount c-clamp type.

i going to feel this for many days to come, kneel and stand up is very hard and painful big time, doing this many times catchup later on.....thats my day

just waiting to bit me in the rearend now! hate getting older by the day

age 60 lol
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