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Originally Posted by Baldo_the_Don View Post
Latest Windows 10 update installed nVIDIA's 388 drivers on my GeForce 640 despite me configuring winupdate as best as I could to specifically not do that. I reinstalled the 368 driver I prefer ('cause MechCommander 2 looks great with the 368 drivers), and now some arcane struggle between the anti-aliasing and the bit-depth is making the gamma adjustment in DFBHD fail. Some amount of adjusting these settings and restarting the game manages to get it working again, but I've yet to detect a pattern.

Comanche 4 has always had a similar problem where anti-aliasing is greyed out and I had to start C4, click a menu point, then click back a step to get the gamma adjustment to activate, okay, sure, but after the update, C4 won't start if the bit-depth is 16, however, strangely, the C4 mod I made will.

So, anybody have a clue?

Edit: Did a bit of googling. Found a troubleshooter thing called wushowhide.diagcab. Downloaded it to find it's already on my HD. Run it to hide drivers from Windows Update. Got my fingers crossed!
Sry a litle late but from memory you can tweak/force settings in dfv.cfg and using commandline arguments for windows serveonly etc.on the exe.

It's all here somewhere on the forums, we all sorted the tweaks out over time...

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