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will glad they added in Punk-buster to JO wish they got smart about it for BHD & BHD/TS

in the tomorrow land we can play on-line game by tele-porting into use the brain wave it pump the info and take info into the on-line game area you will really feel pain broken bones and you feel weak do to lost of blood and running long ways out you feel weaker longer you run with heavy gear you carrying on you. hurting from rounds hitting you. not to talk about your head being shot off maybe a broken neck feeling. can you see this 50 years all go who would think we be doing this today playing together on the telephone line (using any type of wiring cable/modem/ADSL..ect) gaming internets areas it was only a dream in them Scifi-books.

2004 this year
__-50 years all go
1954 it was only a dream then.
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