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Originally Posted by SentientTR View Post
Thank you, I will be watching this project closely. One thing I noticed was that the bots wouldn't work if you hosted a server with the "Serve Only" option, it requires you to use it with "Serve and Play". For a server without a dedicated graphics card, this would really eat up the CPU if you're looking to use it for a dedicated server.

I understand that it's still in alpha but I'm just noting my experience. Aside, from that I'm looking forward to the progression of this! Pretty incredible considering JO is a proprietary game without so much as an API to efficiently allow for more projects like this.
Hi, i'm the developer of this MOD. I'm glad someone is using it.

It should be working in "Serve Only" mode too, i have tested it. Are you trying to run a dedicated server and a client on the same machine? That is uncertain to function properly. Can you try running the dedicated server with attaching a "/w" option, meaning in windowed mode. Is the MOD not recognising the started game, meaning its repeating the "waiting 3 sec..." message over and over?
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