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Gods damn it all! Here I was thinking I had a Saturday free, and you come up with an excellent question I've yet to test, and now knowing of it, I will not be able to relax until I run some experiments...


Edit: Okay. I inserted a cargo container with one door open, put a somali militia 2 in it at the closed end, set his accuracy to 45 and 90, his alert status to red, and his attack/engage distances to 9m. In mission, I got in the container and approached until he started shooting, then I retreated. I tossed in a smoke at his feet, then approached again. He opened fire through the smoke and tore me up. I got out, powered up, tossed in all three smoke grenades, tried again. He opened fire through the smoke and tore me up again.

I conclude that smoke grenades have no effect on AIs.
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