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Server Maps & Map Makers.

First off i'm not sure if this just effects BHD and BHD/TS maps.
Or if it also effects all custom maps made for nova DF series.

I found a problem playing all these maps on our server.
After installing the new Nvidia Graphic card drivers.

So after spending all night looking into the problem,
I concluded that the New Nvidia drivers are not the problem.

Maps with problems for Nvidia updated drivers

BX* Car Park Battle - Now Fixed

BX* House Madness - Now Fixed

BX* Stadium Battle - Now Fixed

BX* Magic Carpets - Now Fixed needs a bit of work on carpets.

KNIFE MAP - Now Fixed

The problem i found was with the map themselves
not the graphic drivers.
Let me explain.

For some reason if you don't set the Enviromental settings
correctly and you forget and leave it blank the
result is as follows.

So please all map makers, Make sure you set the Enviroment,
ie, Dawn 1, Dawn 2, Day 1 and so on.

other wise the Nvidia's latest graphic drivers will
not work correctly. Other than that the New Drivers Rock

My Graphic card - Nvidia 6600 GT 256

Happy Gaming.
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