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The SG Mod is not only limited to fancy new weapons!
There is literally TONS of new content available to mappers to remake their favorite "SG" episodes, make up a totally new mission, or even make a mission that is totally unrelated to the "SG" franchise. Your imagination is your only limit!

There are 189 Terrains, including those specifically made for the SG Mod plus many others!

There are 66 Environments, ranging from the blackest of nights to warm sunny days; from the barren desert wastelands to the bitter cold tundras.

There are 41 Vehicles, many of them are new, such as the fast and stable Quad.

And most important of all, there are 132 AI in the SG Mod that range from Medieval era, Modern era, to alien factions.

Good Guys:

Bad Guys:

From the vast outreaches of space...
Explore a myriad of worlds created by the SGM team, with a wide variety of missions that range from rescuing a European style village to destroying an enemy Mothership.

Many of these missions are specifically designed with team coordination in mind. Going Solo will most often get yourself back to Homebase! Go slow, be safe, or continue to go to your quick death.

Ever wonder what it's like to go through a wormhole? Exclusively for JO and DFx2 players, you can take a trip through the 'Gate to reach your mission area. (DFx has parachute complications)

The majority of the missions set out with the SG Mod are in the "SG" motif, all of them challenging and fun for even the most coordinated squad!
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