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SG Mod 2.5 Released

(A much more fancier post than Chrispy's)

The Newest version of the SG Mod (Version 2.5) brings all of the goodies that until now was only available to those who had Joint Operations installed.
Now, players that have Delta Force: Xtreme or Delta Force: Xtreme 2 can get in on the action!

The SG Mod fixes a few quirks of the stock weapons in addition to a couple of new ones to the series, ranging from a 20mm sniper rifle to a plasma staff weapon found in the "SG" franchise.

The knives have been changed a bit so that it takes at least 2 slices to kill, requiring much more skill in hectic knife fights and sneaky kills.

M9 Pistol:
Your basic, everyday Beretta. Easy to use, and will fire as fast as you pull the trigger.

Your standard Special Forces pistol. Packs a heavier punch than the M9 and has the ability to be suppressed with the help of tooling in the armories.

Desert Eagle .50AE:
Hand-cannon. Heavy recoil and slower trigger means you have to pick your shots wisely, but a 1-shot kill is almost always guaranteed!

ZAP Gun:
Energy based weapon familiar to "SG" Fans. This weapon not only deals out damage, but also blinds your enemies at a distance! However it seems that many of the AI enemies have countermeasures and are not blinded.

Blaster Pistol:
Energy based weapon that's alien in origin. Powerful lil' bugger that has the added bonus of splash damage in addition to its heavy punch.

Sub Machine Guns:
These are weapons that can be equipped as secondaries, Primaries, or as an Accessory for when you need a lot of lead on a target.
Popular among the terrorist, thugs, and general bad guy of the Movies, the Mac11 9mm SMG is a hand-held bullet hose that has a high rate of fire and "fun" recoil

The shortened variant of the most feared SMG in the world, the MP5. Has a high rate of fire, reasonable recoil.

The 10mm variant of the MP5. Greater damage and range with the heavier, slower bullet

.45 ACP cousin of the MP5. Has a "special" trigger

The most widely recognized weapon of the SG franchise, The P90 has less punch than an assault rifle, but much higher rate of fire and low recoil. Available with two different sights.

Assault Rifles:
Featuring a 2x red-dot sight that automatically adjusts for range on your M203. Great multipurpose weapon that will get you out of most tight spots

Big brother to the M4, features a "special" trigger that does the standard 3-round burst, but if you hold it down it will be full Auto. Comes with standard 1x Ironsights

Bullpup assault rifle available with a 2x EOTech sight or the higher power 4x ACOG scope.

G36E and G36E/M203:
HK's longstanding competitor to the M16 family, comes with a 2x sight that automatically adjusts for range on your M203

Carbine version of the AK74, short, to-the-point weapon with 1x Ironsights

SA-80: Useful for those who like to conserve ammo, but like the ability to go Full-Auto when needed to get out of trouble. Comes with a variable 2x-4x scope. 2x for Auto, 4x for Semi

XM-8: HK's next-century rifle to slated replace the M16 family. Comes with a 4x scope

Staff Weapon Energy weapon that's a favorite of the SG alien races. It's rumored that some staff weapons are able to lob plasma grenades in addition to their normal bolts...

SPAS-12 Tried and true, deadly at close range. Can be equipped as a Primary, Secondary, or Accessory.

Machine Guns:
Primary weapons, for when one bullet just won't do! They tend to heat up pretty quickly so learn how to let go of the trigger!
A Delta Force Favorite, its heavy bulk prevents any real accuracy while moving, but very formidable when set up in defensive positions

G36 variant with a heavier barrel for greater resistance to sustained fire. Comes with a 100 round Beta C magazine, 2x scope, and "special" trigger

General Purpose Medium Machine gun configured for use by dismounted infantry. Packs a bigger punch than the '249, but its heavier ammo limits total ammo loadout to about half of a '249.

Gunner's Staff Weapon:
Hose them down with a flurry of Plasma bolts!

Sniper Rifles:
Long range, very accurate .338 Lapua rifle with 10 round magazine

NTW20: Extreme long range, very powerful 20mm rifle for when a .50cal BMG just isn't enough.

Sniper's Staff Weapon:
A fine-crafted staff weapon common for the elites of the SG alien races. Outfitted with something similar to a camera that allows for precise, long range plasma discharges.

Although a rather ancient project launcher, the Crossbow is non-the-less a deadly tool that allows quiet kills from a distance.

Flare guns:
Available in Red for signaling and White for area illumination. Very useful if you can't see in front of your face or in need of help.

Phosphorescent Spray Paint Paint that sticks to just about anything out there. Is very useful for designating targets, giving directions, or run-of-the-mill graffiti. :P

Small, powerful, Remote detonated. Nice flashing timer so you know to get the hell away from it.

FIM-92 Stinger:
The most powerful Anti-Air weapon available to dismounted infantry. Shoot a couple of these at enemy aircraft and they won't be flying much longer!

AT4 & RPG:
Simple, effective. Automatically adjusts for range.

M18 Claymore: Older versions of the claymore that require you to stop and stick them into place. Takes longer to set up but allows for greater accuracy in aiming them. Right click to aim, Left click to drop them.
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