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After some rather thorough scrutiny it's my opinion that the screen-shots in question appear to be from different games.

Originally Posted by BlacKSmurF View Post

Would not be too surprised if they were shopping this around to investors at one time and were unable to find any because it looked like another generic shooter.
Did you say Generic Shooter?

Well then that's just gotta be what I love. A good old generic shooter...

But DF is more than that and don't get me wrong I like games like the Arma series as well but the DF series are the only FPS games out there that are a fully open world - free roaming - shoot and scoot!

IMO The trade off now is for more blood sweat and tears but this entails smaller worlds.

Users crave more detail and animation but there's not much more to offer in any game beyond that when it comes down to it - perhaps more clever AI?

Yes, that's all good but IMO it's the unknown expanses, the scale of manoeuvrability, things like that are part of the essence of attraction, it's the total immersion that a fully open game world brings - I reckon it's the great attractor for most DF lovers.

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