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I kind of play - played it for about a month. Purchased it back when it was around $10 - thus get free updates for life.

Friend of mine runs the server I play on, we stopped playing when hey0 announced that he would stop working on his mods with the next up date.

We have grown to depend on those mods so we kind of layed off until the knew plugin system took effect.

We mainly played it in sandbox mode - turned off the day/night cycle, never had the mobs and of course admin powers so that we could focus on the digging, building and experimenting with out having to take time to craft every thing we wanted.

Though some times after various resets of the world, we would start off with a diamond shovel/axe and pick axe and then from there on gather and craft every thing we needed for the fun of it.

Its a great game - would like to see the people to be less blocky then they are now though lol
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