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Hi all, nice work with the NSO maps M*O*B. Finally I can post here at this site, had to register again. The reason you can't see the Muzzle flashes and such items is that the NSO Mission Editor is not unlocked. That is why you have to add them to your map via another MED, this has alway been the case in the past. I can remeber when I first saw the items change to something different.

There shouldn't be any items missing from NSO and the items in question will never be seen unless NSO can make their Editor unlocked.

The unlocked editor gave us - The two muzzle flashes and a lot of Ammo for decoration and some for explosions, green & red tracers, dead soldier, short & tall mine sticks, extra Env & Terrains, other Start Makers, the ability to properly set AI weapons and respawns for single player or coop.

There is more but my memory is a little foggy these days.
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