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I agree with you EDGE. Nova can't touch me nor this has something to do with Nova. I started this thread to get someone's opinion on whether or not this project can be considered as online gambling. Laws on online gambling seems to differ from state to state, counties to counties & cities to cities. Just recently, a neighboring suburb where I live just enacted an ordinance prohibiting online gambling in all forms. My point is, I don't consider this as an online gambling for the fact that I don't get any monetary compensation. I don't intend to get the money to pay for the server out of the Donation. The Donation money goes entirely to the top gamer in each month (prize money). Anyway, I don't think now that this project is viable. Maybe in the future if lots of gamers will request for this then I will continue this endeavor. I temporarily closed my site & turned off the server for now. I'm waiting for new games out there that get my interest. Thanks for your responses.

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