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i think some would look at this another way betting on a team who be a winner or looser.
will that maybe old as the hills go too

*you could think maybe them who win! pick were the Donation go to as will, red-cross or children foundation to help support them or some other type....ect
each person can Donation as much they can! then have a match and the winner (squad team leader) pick were the Donation winning go.

but if a team wins the Donation? i don't think it can be look as a Donation! but as a team bet they can win by killing off the other team.

like playing two team in a poker game money play on the table and winner takes all.

ever one Donation money into the kitty as the game plays out! but all bet are lay out before a match start up still look at the same way.

will thats my take on it.
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