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Originally Posted by .Simon. View Post
Just finished the campaign and i must say, it was epic! A few shocks, but a few of them were playing in the back of my mind while i was going through the game.

Loads of weapons, Awesome graphics (better than 4 and WAW), Great storyline, Great design (in-game cut scenes, cinematics, characters, levels etc).

I haven' played multiplayer yet, and im a bit weary because i want to like it, but so far ive seen good things about it, so i might check it out later.

Im glad they've pulled it off though. Lots of people are going to bitch and moan, but they're just whiners looking for the next thing to tear down.

Well worth the £35
Pretty glad It has multi player or £44.95 would have been bad if it was just the campaign. though I did like playing it through. just over too soon.
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