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Originally Posted by SuperNoob View Post
Does anyone think this project can go somewhere?
Yes, as long as THQ Nordic doesn't get in the way. And they won't as long as the assets aren't the same.

Copying gameplay isn't an issue. Every dev copies gameplay to some extent (look at Battle Royale games - and all the knock off game apps on the phone.)

Whether it is successful in the sea of FPS games out there is another question. It can as long as you can replicate DF gameplay, which is unique. COD = closed map/linear gameplay. BF = more open maps than COD but must snipe to reach across map, else you are forced to get in close..just like COD. MilSims like ARMA and Squad are more realistic BF's in a nutshell. DF is open maps with a variety of weapons that can be used to duke it out with other player(s) across the map. That's the way it has been since its inception. People always talk about and remember how they would have gunfights from great distances. Can't do that anymore in any shooter.
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