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Originally Posted by Oscarmike247 View Post
I kind of wish they would create new content. It is cool to see a better looking version of the game i love... but what we need is to keep the bhd gameplay with better revisions of the buildings, sounds, and special effects. Maybe some maps and environments that look more like the Somalia.
Originally Posted by SuperNoob View Post
The said that they are working on new assets and the assets from the game are just placeholders.
As a matter of chance I went to download a Blackhawk model today and I thought the licensing from the download page at Turbosquid may be of interest here...

This is for a free model and I've shortened it for ease of reading.

Images or models of the UH60 Blackhawk, would include or allude to the brand "sikorsky", to cut a long story short only editorial uses of this product are allowed, other uses (such as within computer games) may require legal clearances from third party intellectual property owners.
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