Thread: [DFBHD] Alternate map editor?
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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
I don't believe anyone has ever tried that. The editor actually exports the mis to a bms file which is the actual map.
Yep, I noticed. But as I probably won't be able to figure out how the binary map file is constructed; I would let the user generate a .mis file which they could import in the actual mission editor to build the binary map file.

Originally Posted by stompem View Post
Making a unique Editor would be a huge project but you're very close in the second point because you can edit the (human readable) MIS and see results in the engine output.
I wouldn't create my own 3D rendering software as I lack the needed mathematical knowledge I would just use Unity 3D and implement this tool instead of a game with it.
The only obstacle is displaying the actual gameobjects.
Any of you know whether there exists a dump of all ingame models such as the buildings and cars etc? Or is it just a standard 3D format in which these files are saved? I haven't had the time to look at this yet.
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