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first lets unstall the one you have go back and down load it again and save to desk top then extract folder
Then the extract folder will come up click on ddm-DFFavorites 3.1.6 right click go down to properties will bring up a box click on compatibility . You will see a box compatibility mode check the box to run in windows xp click apply then ok then go back to your extract folder and double click on DFF again and run follow the set up . Now you have one on your desk top but it will tell you folder is empty just for get about that one . Go to start and you should see the folder right click on it go to properties and click on compatibility check the box to run in xp click apply. then you should beable to click on it again and see all the servers . You may not have to unstall the program you can click start and see if its in there and go thro the steps I told you if it dont work that way then unstall the whole thing. Now I unstall the whole thing just to walk you thro it lol. You can get DFLW to work the same way . Let me know if you have any trouble
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