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Post How do I create an account to play on NovaWorld?

How do I create an account to play on NovaWorld?

If you already have a NovaWorld account for another game such as Delta Force Land Warrior or Comanche 4 you can skip this step and enter that name and password to log into NovaWorld.

When you connect to NovaWorld you will be shown a log-in page. Under the fields where is asks for your name and password there is a link saying “If you don’t have a NovaWorld account, click here “ When you click on that link the browser will forward you to a page where you will make your NovaWorld account. Here you’ll create your account name and password, and enter your contact information such as e-mail address. The login name and password have NO relevance to your character name, so feel free to pick a name and password that are easy for you to remember.

Once you create your account and log into NovaWorld you will be asked for your CD key in order to finish your account. This is the same 20 character code that you used to install your game. Once you enter this code your account will be complete to play on NovaWorld.
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