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My name (such as it is) came from the days of MPlayer when I found that name after name after goddamned name that I plugged into its registration program had already been used.
I eventually plugged in a code at random in a huff and Zza1pqx was born.
Luckily for us Novas game have never been A-List so there is little chance of having to make do with a name we don't want simply because somone else has it.
I think there is a danger of having to call yourself by the name you want followed by a number (like hotmail advises you when you try and get the e-mail address you want)

The point of this thread is that Nova have made changes that annoy the consumer for no discernible reason.
I am glad that this change affects you positivley Mr Wall.
I have never met lame 'little hacker wannabe kiddies' because I am old enough to buy my own ISP and so have never been with AOL.
I am certain that this annoyance must be hell for you though and you have my comiserations.

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