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Originally Posted by stompem View Post
Well I value your opinion but as far as DFX2 goes IMO it's the best - I've probably published about 40 DFX2 maps so far - go figure?

If you like you're welcome to play my maps in the DFX2 Lobby 24/7 - Server name ![GSP]
Compliments of stompem
Wow, 40 maps is pretty incredible! Maybe I will give DFX2 a real go if you are that passionate...

I could not stand DFX1. I tried to like it, but the gunplay didn't feel like DF, and the net code felt more like JO than DF. Maybe it really soured my opinion of DFX2 .

Maybe I was sick of looking at those weapons and skins after JO, too - I simply could not get over the fact they didn't even bother to reskin the weapons aside from the M4A1.

Here are some minor reskins I did to give them a bit of character. Their JO:E weapon skins were definitely not the same level of quality as their JO:TR ones.

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