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Originally Posted by stompem View Post
After some rather thorough scrutiny it's my opinion that the screen-shots in question appear to be from different games.

Generic Shooter?

Well then that's just gotta be what I love. A good old generic open world shooter...

BTW it's the only FPS out there with a fully open world - free roaming - shoot and scoot!
I meant "generic shooter" in the sense that it does not look like Delta Force or Joint Ops... though I am assuming an awful lot from the screenshots! It just looks like Far Cry 3 or Crysis's online multiplayer to me. Very pretty, but gameplay-wise, they were bland. (To be fair, with DFX/DFX2 aside, Novalogic has a stellar track record for gameplay).

I'm assuming Angel Falls wouldn't be open world since it would've been on Unreal or Crysis, which is the biggest basis for my assumption that it may not play like DF/JO.

I just saw on the same forum as the one I linked to that the owner of it had contact with NL in 2013, informing him the game was still in development. Will reach out to him to see if he knows anything.

Edit: Stompem, do you think the different games were both Novalogic? They definitely look markedly different than some of the other screenshots, so I wonder if one is in CryEngine and one is in Unreal.
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