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One thing that had not been stated is which DF are you talking about.
Per the thread prefix, I believe we're all talking strictly about BHD/BHD:TS (others are indeed quite different in many regards).

BHD in the main game loop there is a simple jump in the code that one can ether force to always jump or to never jump and the game runs at as fast as your computer will allow. everything is then sped up including animations and if you run to fast over hills you will die due to collisions.
Well, respectfully, my challenge to that claim still stands .

I encourage you to actually test and measure a single player session on modern hardware. I believe you'll be adequately convinced.

I don't doubt that you've observed that effect BTW, just that it must have involved hooking/mutating the process or program binary, and that an uncapped renderer framerate doesn't inherently generate that effect (given they're apparently independent).

Also Single player Game Loop and multi player may be different. not sure its been a long time.
I'm not sure about the main game loop (beyond the obvious differences like netcode and SP/MP game logic differences).

SP has no framerate cap on the rendering loop (by default!) while MP seems to have one (at least when serving) as we've observed above, if that's what you mean.
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