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Originally Posted by Bazinga! View Post
The term is properly "Tenno Haika Banzai" which translates to "Long live the emporer".

thanks, never did understand its true meaning WWII Banzai"? but i think that's right on the money there!

i know in WWII they look towards their Emperor as a god, so that sounds about right! "Tenno Haika Banzai"

Originally Posted by black hawk View Post
well, from what i know, banzai is one of the least successful strategies used in WWII. I believe, it was somewhat like a last resort or action plan before defeat, which was usually pretty useless, because it generally led to huge losses for them. Yes, i think it was somewhat a warcry for their ruler, but also maybe for their homeland. I also read on wikipedia, that the japanese commanders used to give false victory reports to their chiefs about their success in banzai attacks. You might like to search for the Makin raids, during WWII. It's also their in the game Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.
sorry Banzai was use way before WWII in-battle they would yell out and die for who ever was their emperor at that time! just like to know whats the meaning behind it was is all. think mike got it totally there, Banzai wasn't an war plan/ strategies that gone wrong, more it was basic a war/ battle cry last word to their Emperor basic had it right about the warcry
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