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Originally Posted by dave61 View Post
Just dropped by ... but you can also download the DFX:MED for both the DFX 1&2 from my website.

Or my full DFX homepage will be at:

Btw, thinking about removing my website tools for the DFX series of games. I know it has helped alot of people with DFX 1 & 2. But since Novalogic has gone dead with no new games and the Delta Force Xtreme series have ended. I believe the usefullness of my website for the DFX series of games has also ended.

If you think I should continue my website help for DFX 1&2 then let me know. Otherwize in a few days I will delete my NOVALOGIC DFX help website.
Well there were several MEd downloads in the NHQ DB but they seem to have been made redundant.

The links to them appear to be gone so your site may now be a rare resource.

I think you should continue until an official ending is announced Dave.

I may have said before that there's a fully capable editor in both DFX and DFX2 but your site has much more than that.

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