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Sad networking printer

here the thing i don't know how to get my network to see all the home network items (device connected to router)

1.) computer Xp pro SP3 32bit
with its own printer
* connect thou LAN to router

2.) Computer Windows 7 perm 32bit SP1
with its own printer
connects wireless to router

3.) router; Cisco linksysem E1200 300 monitor
Security; WPA2
log-in key 250+ combo letters and numbers beside others mix in

is there a way i can set it manually or use a software to get the home network work with all of these in a home group?

as it stand all turn-on and none see each other at all, other then the router it self?
network magic is a network tool to use to make this happen, but its no longer use by newer router, so that option is dead to use
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