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White Op. 01-14-2002 01:10 PM

:( Is It Possible?... :( (DF2)
:( Is It Possible?... :(

Ok, I'm using the 'Map Maker' for 'Delta Force 2' and I am trying to make a co-operative map, but to make it better i'd like to have the hostage walk onto the heli-copter and then make it take off to its waypoints.
I know how to make the heli-copter move, and the rest of that stuff, but what i'd like to know is; if I can make the hostage walk onto the heli-copter?...

White Op.
Lee Kelly.
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Steve 01-14-2002 01:50 PM

good question m8, i presume uve tried just making the waypoints lead to the helo doors? if its too high then the only other think would be to use a ramp but that may look silly.

White Op. 01-14-2002 02:46 PM

RE: Is It Possible?...
Actually I havn't tried anything yet but I was just thinking ahead, I'm going to try making the Ambassador just walk towards the heli-copter (which is on the floor) but his feet will stick out from the bottom and the heli-copter will just take off without him...
Well that's what I presume, I'll keep you updated with this map and maybe you could have a copy when it's done.
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Steve 01-14-2002 03:10 PM

the floor of the helo is solid so either it will work or the ambassidor will not be able to get in.

dragoncreator 01-14-2002 05:05 PM

In DF3 I've read that you can have an event remove (vanish) people. Would this work in this situation? Vanish the guy when the helo takes off? Just my 2 cents. . .

Sandman 01-14-2002 08:07 PM

Yes, it will work. Just create an event that declares when the event takes place, have the dude dissapear. Like this:
1.)Create the two groups
2.)Create an area(make sure you give it a number)

Group 3=helo
Group 5=ambassydor
Get the guy to his waypoints by any method you choose
(I'm assuming you know how to get a person to a waypoint)

IF:Group 5 is in area 5
THEN:Redirect group 3 to waypoint list X
Set group 3 velocity to Y
Vaporize group 5
(No Delays)
So here's what'll happen.

Once your dude gets to the chopper, he'll be in area 5. The game will then make your bird fly and get rid of the dude.
You could also have him teleport to a far away location so that it looks like he's still alive just not in danger of being killed. Do this if the game decides he's dead.
Hope it works for you. And this should work in both versions of DF

Necromancer 01-14-2002 10:51 PM

You know, I do recall there being a single player mission like this. The guy did walk onto the helicopter, too.

Sandman 01-15-2002 12:31 AM

Yes, something like you had to take a Russian general prisoner and he got in at the end...

Necromancer 01-17-2002 03:11 PM

Yeah, that's the one. I would just extract that mission form the pff and rip it apart. That might give you an idea.

STEALTH 01-17-2002 11:15 PM

i don't think u can teleport with an online game. Is that correct?

Sandman 01-17-2002 11:53 PM

Teleporting the players(you, me) is the thing you can't do on-line. Any AI can be teleported though. Making paratroopers and guys that just suddenly appear can be done.

Scott 01-18-2002 12:07 AM

Thats not true. Ask zz, I was there for proof, this map we played on zz kept teleporting over to my base and it was confusing the **** outa me. He just said he ran into it by accident but when i tried it didnt work. but he could do it, i watched him. This is in DF3 BTW and it was a TDm map by Solja

Sandman 01-18-2002 12:19 AM

Is it possible for the host to do it but nobody else? That is providing zz was hosting.

Steve 01-18-2002 01:55 AM

it would be very likely that the host can do it and not the othet players.

the original post is about DF2, and in df2 anyone can teleport at any time, inc. AI. is that correct?

in dflw NL made a patch to prevent teleporting to stop cheaters but unfortunately stopped AI doing the same, but for some reason it looks like the host can still play tricks:nerd:

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