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devilsclaw 01-18-2022 07:28 PM

DFX and DFX2 GSB Encryption/Decryption
I was wondering has anyone figured out the encryption used for the gsb lobby files. If not I have.

Example of encrypted
Example of decrypted

I did this a long time ago and just ported the code to php so I could show it working.

Is anyone still interested in this stuff?

NOTE: yes those php files are authenticating with novaworld and pulling the most current/valid gsb file.

devilsclaw 01-20-2022 10:08 PM

Here is the parser version:

Scott 01-21-2022 08:21 AM

Always interested! Never know when it might be useful. It'd probably be very useful if we could encode a list of servers into a working glb.

Biggest reason I never really tried to decode the DFX+ GLB's is because the rest of the lobby stuff is more complex unlike BHD and others where you can just join via a in-game browser lobby. With the heartbeat that most servers use nowadays it's pretty painless to make a lobby. It's DFX, DFX2 and JO that would be left in the dust.

devilsclaw 01-21-2022 04:03 PM

From what I can tell JO/DFX/DFX2 would not be that hard to get up and running. out of all the files I downloaded, the http vs raw only one file was different, the rest is static.

which means that it should be easy to modify the files and patch the game to just login like the rest of the old games.

~BLÃÐE~ 01-22-2022 04:33 AM

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Hi DC, while your decrypting files... any chance you could work out the CHARATTR.def file from DFLW

It was 1 of few that never worked with the DeSCR program

devilsclaw 01-22-2022 10:04 AM

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I made a tool a long time ago that does those files. called cbin2txt

~BLÃÐE~ 01-22-2022 12:31 PM

TY very much.

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