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MERMITE 08-15-2009 04:15 PM

New dog old trick
Just because DFX2's been released, doesn't mean you have to dump all those hard earned DFX1 maps that lie idle on the back of your hard drive.

It's easy to convert them to DFX2, just don't be to tempted to change the terrain, or you will be re-building the map, or at least re setting the Z_values.

But, like me you may discover that many of your maps have the same theme, and yes I do have my favourite decorations, so with a minor twist you may 'LINK' all these maps together.

The idea is once you have completed one DFX S/P map, you are teleported?
to the start of the next mission, and using the 'TIME OF DAY' cmmd is a very realistic effect.

Please keep the mission name very short less than 8 letters eg. NOVA_01.

OK, now go to your med, put in an area trigger, at the place you intend to END the mission.
At the area triggers items attributes, at the bottom right is a box
"mission linking" put in the next mission you want to load and tick the box.

The idea is as the player ends the mission, fires the area trigger the next mission loads, this allows you keep the action flowing, and with me I always exceed the maximum allowable decoration limit (MADL) and this is one way of curtailing it....LOL:catfight:

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