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Steve 06-26-2004 05:16 PM

What is Advance and Secure?
What is Advance and Secure?

Advance and Secure (AAS) is the newest game type created specifically for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. In this game type, teams must work together to dominate the playing field by taking over all of the enemy’s Linear Focal Points (LFPs) in order. The team that takes over their enemy’s final LFP wins.

The Linear Focal Point (LFP) is much like the Progressive Spawn Point (PSP) except that they are only found in Advance and Secure games. The LFPs are bunkers which show up on the map as a glowing square that is either the color of the team that controls it or green if it is neutral. If a team fully controls the LFP, they can spawn there by pressing the letter of the base (as shown on the map) when they are on the spawn screen.

In order to take an LFP, your team must have more players in the LFP zone than the opposing team. If the defending team has more players in the zone than the attacking team, the control bar (displayed in the top right corner of the HUD will go up until they have complete control. If the attacking team has more players in the zone than the defending team, the control bar will go down to show that the control point is being destroyed. Once the control point is completely destroyed, the attacking team needs to get one player into the bunker to gain control of the LFP. Once the control bar is full, the team can begin spawning there

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