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Steve 06-26-2004 06:06 PM

Clients stuck at the “Enumerating Session”
Q: I am hosting a Joint Operations Typhoon Rising game on NovaWorld and people are able to see it in the game lobby, but when they attempt to join they get stuck at the “Enumerating Session” screen or receive an error message.

Answer: If you are hosting the game from behind a router and you have not set up port forwarding, your game will be visible in the NovaWorld game lobby but will be inaccessible. You will need to configure your router to forward all incoming traffic on UDP port 32768 to the internal IP address of the computer which will be hosting the game.

Tanya 08-16-2018 07:09 AM

But in my case here, if I open a server for 6 people only 2 friends who can not enter the rest always come in smoothly.
All ports that pertain to the DFXtreme game are all added in the Firewell windows and the router as well.
Is this not a problem on these 2 computers?

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