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USAL 09-20-2008 03:57 PM

Low Performance - Please Help
My friend and I was just planning to play JO together on LAN ,but we have encountered a problem. He's notebook power isn't enough to run it. I have tried to change resolution or details...But no luck;/. The spec. is:

Pentium IV 1,8 Ghz
Radeon mobile 7500 64 MB RAM AGP x4
256 SD-Ram 133
HDD 30 gb.

I know 7500M isn't good ,but my another friend run it on min on Geforce 2 ,and it was playable. But maybe the type and size of ram cause game to lag?(In req. it says 256 min but DDR) If anyone had some advice ,please help
(Sorry for my bad english:p)

Steve 09-20-2008 04:10 PM

hiho welcome to NHQ :D

i think you might have hit the nail on the head with the low amount of ram. what version of windows is he running also? if it's XP then you really will have problems with the ram.

you can also check something after you have played some JO. hit ctrl+alt+del to get the task manager, click on the Performance tab, bottom left it says Commit Charge, if the Peak is higher than the Limit amount then it means you ran out of RAM at some point and then the lappy tries to use the page file (uses hard drive as ram), the result is even worse performance, choppyness and generally makes you want to throw the thing out of the window :*(

not really sure what to suggest apart from getting a memory upgrade, it's really cheap these days :)

your english is great btw :D

USAL 09-20-2008 04:34 PM

Thx :)
I think is Windows Home (not sure is it Win Professional or Home)
We will try too put another 256 ram ,and see what will happen:) Also there is something weird...The FPS don't even change a bit if we will launch the game in 640x48 or 800x600 resolution:P Maybe there is still a hope for him to play JO:D

icishoot 09-20-2008 04:56 PM

I don't know if it applies to every notebook, you need to keep in mind that in some cases, the video ram is taken from your system ram.

For example on my laptop, I have ati mobility radeon Xpress 200..., when I set it to use 128mb of ram for the video card, it took 64mb of it from my system ram (If I'm remember correctly, I forget the exact values). So even though I have 1.5Gb of system ram, the video card reserves 128mb, giving me only 1.3Gb of ram.

if your starting off at 256mb of system ram, and the video card takes 64mb of it, that only leaves 197mb of ram for the rest of your computer to use.

windows xp wants at least 64mb, which brings you down to 128 free for every one else.

Whether or not this is true in your case depends on if the manufacturer of the laptop included any dedicated video ram - I think mine came with 32mb of video ram, if I wanted more it would take it from the system ram.

So I would get as much ram for the laptop that a, the laptop can support, and b, that you can afford.

Hellfighter 09-20-2008 05:03 PM

Pentium IV 1,8 Ghz
Radeon mobile 7500 64 MB RAM AGP x4
256 SD-Ram 133

HDD 30 gb.

think of you have to do is:
1.) get a video card with more ???Mb on it like 256mb and AGP 4x is low end AGP x8 is a bet better.

2.) System Ram is low for the game 750mb of ram or more be better

512Mb ram card and 128mb Ram card on the mother broad gives you 640
512Mb ram card and 512mb Ram card on the mother broad gives you 1024mb

don't know your MOB lay out on the number of card slot you can add-in for ram cards

the thing is JOTR use a lot of resource to play and heavy on the system

icishoot 09-20-2008 05:18 PM

its a notebook (laptop) - other then getting an external video card, on all the laptops I have seen the video card is integrated - meaning you can't just upgrade it, at least not easily - would require de-soldering componants and soldering the new ones one (don't even know if that will work)

all he can really do if that is the case is just get more system memory.

At least, that is how it is with my laptop - thats why I made sure to get a better cpu/video card and skimped on the ram. ram is upgradable, typically, cpu and video card aren't.


USAL 09-20-2008 07:57 PM

Radeon 7500 Mobility have his own memory;)
I know that this graphic card is crappy ,but he don't need no pixel shaders or frame effects:) It's just have to run and be playable:) that's all:D

Mstenger404 09-20-2008 08:34 PM

even with all the fancy effects turned off, just the remaining geometry is going to bring that system to its knees. Getting a new computer alltogether is the best solution TBH

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