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Hellfighter 07-21-2019 12:59 PM

outlook punking blind person
real life:

they are spamming my 87yrs old who is blind for cellphone no#, so they can send text-code she can log-in to active it? they lock her out on count till they get her cellphone number #

3weeks now, she can't read (outlook block) her email zoom in at 300% barely
her eyes the cone in the back of them fading away due to old age!

yea that not going to happen!

note: can you see blind or impair person read text messages on cellphone screen 1in x 1in? my mother can zoom in 300% on her desktop she really impairs, basic her eyeballs going bad are fading away

She told me once she can't see my face it's all big ball of fuzzy like a cotton ball

Chaining her email to Gmail today, oh last they mark her banking email she was getting as spam now!

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