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Steve 12-24-2020 07:13 AM

We've nearly made it to the end of 2020!
Hang in there, we nearly made it to 2021. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Hope you all enjoy Christmas holidays and all the best for next year. Thanks to all who have contributed content throughout the year, and all those who just drop by occasionally and check up on us, we still very much appreciate the community even in our 20th year! Just read that, we will be 20 next year. :]

Best wishes and big love from NovaHQ staff.

Guest001 12-25-2020 07:33 AM

Just had our Christmas in Australia and Santa left the building hours ago to head your way.

Merry Christmas USA

Scott 12-27-2020 02:24 AM

20 Years :bigeek2:...

Steve 12-27-2020 02:48 AM

I'll still forget our actual birthday tho

Scott 12-28-2020 08:21 AM

Same :D 20 years and I still haven't put a reminder in my phone........................

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