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HK45Shooter 07-05-2002 08:00 PM

No Crosshair? NO GPS?
I have owned the game for over a year now. I really enjoy it. I am having some technical issues today. I have tried reinstalling the game, updating with the latest patches, and intalling directX 8.1. To no avail.

The normal aiming point that I should see when the player is walking around is missing, (I have pressed F3, no change), there are dark black shadows on the ground around all the buildings and trees, the gps map display is blotchy. I can see the colors, red, blue and white, but I can't make out what they are supposed to be and which way they are pointing. When I access the commanders map, the terrain is all smushed together. there is also a yellow square that appears at the muzzle when I fire the weapon instead of a flash. Help!

I am running windows 98, with directX 8.1, ATI Rage Pro Turbo, 160 megs of RAM, and 466 MHZ processor,2.5 gigs available on the hard drive. Not a good setup for online play but it has worked fine for the last year.

Steve 07-06-2002 02:58 AM

when i saw te title i though u must have changed to Win2000, but i can see you havent. it looks pretty much like a graphics card driver issue.
see if you can remember what you did at the time things went wrong - new GFX card, sound card, ram, progs etc?
thry updating your gfx drivers - or try using some older gfx drivers

zza1pqx 07-06-2002 05:36 AM

Check your graphics settings.
I know someone who plays DFLW on SP on the mimimum specs and he has HAD to set it up so it pretty much sounds like what you are saying.
Maybe somewho the game has set up for minimum specs.

Steve 07-06-2002 08:21 AM

i play on minimum and everything is great :s

HK45Shooter 07-06-2002 09:58 AM

AH! SO!!!
I forgot to mention that these problems started after I 'upgraded' my driver for my graphics card.

I upgraded the driver because I downloaded some DFLW Maps and when I tried to play them I would get a 'SYSDUMP.TXT' message everytime. Still get the SYSDUMP, now the game is whacked too...:*(

How do I install the old driver? Is there a way I can return the computer to its old settings, like it was a week ago? I have also emailed NOVA tech support. EMAIL ME @ Thanks for all the help thus far.

Steve 07-06-2002 10:55 AM

go to control panel > system > device manager > display adapter > 'your gfx card' > delete.

then u will have no drivers and when u reboot your comp will re detect the card and propt you to install drivers.

download the older drivers first of course.

if you're getting sys dumps - it is a map problem. the best solution to this is a fresh install of DFLW. just makesure you save any maps you want to keep beforehand :)

HK45Shooter 07-07-2002 12:31 AM

the map that I am trying to play is Panthers, 'Bridge to Khandahar'. It sysdumps every time. Reinstalled old drivers, system working normal again. PHEW!

Steve 07-07-2002 03:29 AM


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