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Mauser 98K 03-27-2021 07:17 PM

I guess I'm "Woke" now...
Being we can be whatever we want to be now, I'll be the first to announce my new gender identity... I feel so much better about myself now that everyone knows who i really am...

Steve 03-28-2021 09:41 AM

seems more reasonable that others i've seen :D

bigsmellyfart 04-30-2021 01:21 AM

dont tell me ... you were a little " Baby Both "
" Baby Boy , Baby Girl and Baby Both...."

bigsmellyfart 04-30-2021 01:28 AM

Question.....What does a person like katlin jenner do if
his uphoria or whatever wears off and he realizes he is a male not female and he become filled with remorse and regret...
cant go back that ship done Sailed.....hehehehehehe


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