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Wildfire 12-05-2009 04:27 PM

Something new in gaming...
I'm looking for gamers to get involved with a little known project that I've started long ago. It's called "FAIR PLAY ZONE". It's a non-profit endeavor dedicated to the clanless gamers. I've seen enough of clan gaming since I started playing games online 7 years ago. Been on clans that just started then eventually gone dead or kaput (some lasted less than a month). I'm sure there's large number of gamers out there who just wanna play & doesn't wanna get involved in some clans just like me.

Being non-profit means no money for a profit. I like adding a twist on the word "donation". I like to spice things up a little bet for gamers to like to play not just for fun but for for a price. I'm thinking of adding a "Donation" section on my website for gamers who like to donate any amount. The amount collected will be used as price money for any gamers who ranked at the top of the game stats (let's say a month).

If you think I'll be getting into legal trouble into this let me know. I like your thoughts about this.

Hellfighter 12-05-2009 05:11 PM

i think some would look at this another way betting on a team who be a winner or looser.
will that maybe old as the hills go too

*you could think maybe them who win! pick were the Donation go to as will, red-cross or children foundation to help support them or some other type....ect
each person can Donation as much they can! then have a match and the winner (squad team leader) pick were the Donation winning go.

but if a team wins the Donation? i don't think it can be look as a Donation! but as a team bet they can win by killing off the other team.

like playing two team in a poker game money play on the table and winner takes all.

ever one Donation money into the kitty as the game plays out! but all bet are lay out before a match start up still look at the same way.

will thats my take on it.

CarpeDiem 12-31-2009 01:30 PM

Well, let's just think here before someone lands in JAIL, or gets Permanently banned from NovaLogic/Novaworld.
First of all that may be a "EULA" violation for any of NovaLogic's games.
Second: It would attract "glitchers", "cheaters", and eventually get someone "Sued", namely NovaHq.
Third: You need a special license for that [Internet Gambling].
Fourth: Never, Ever, misconstrue "Verbage" change with "IT's Illegal" to promote gambling when YOU don't own the rights to a software and misuse it for "Monetary Gain", or SOLICIT it as "just for fun/non-profit". Just run the idea past NovaLogic?
I'm sure they'll be happy to ban you and give your information to the feds....!!!!
No scams...ok! Just play the game... GEEZ! You're going to ruin it for the rest of us!!!

EDGE 12-31-2009 02:11 PM

Just set it up as a regular donation system with the intent on using the donations for website contests, maintenance and expenses. Novalogic can't do anything about you getting donations because you aren't redistributing their game at a new price or making money off of their games without their consent.

Since the donations have nothing to do with novalogic, they can't touch you. There is no legal matter in this. You are thinking way too deep. Novalogic can't do anything because you are getting donations to keep your site running, even if it's a novalogic gaming fansite. They get no cut. It's not their operation and they don't pay the expenses, you do.

Look at this site, novahq. They have been running this site for what...close to 10 years now? They take donations. Those donations go towards website fees and maintenance, not to novalogic. NovaHQ is doing novalogic a HUGE favor by providing this website for them so players can come here and get information on their games at no cost to the player. Sites like these are what make games as popular as they are. Novalogic would be stupid to try to scoop in and scrape a little money off the top of these fansites. They would have no community anymore.

Wildfire 01-02-2010 12:01 PM

I agree with you EDGE. Nova can't touch me nor this has something to do with Nova. I started this thread to get someone's opinion on whether or not this project can be considered as online gambling. Laws on online gambling seems to differ from state to state, counties to counties & cities to cities. Just recently, a neighboring suburb where I live just enacted an ordinance prohibiting online gambling in all forms. My point is, I don't consider this as an online gambling for the fact that I don't get any monetary compensation. I don't intend to get the money to pay for the server out of the Donation. The Donation money goes entirely to the top gamer in each month (prize money). Anyway, I don't think now that this project is viable. Maybe in the future if lots of gamers will request for this then I will continue this endeavor. I temporarily closed my site & turned off the server for now. I'm waiting for new games out there that get my interest. Thanks for your responses.

"Seize the day", CarpeDiem. "Jai guru deva om". - Wildfire

EDGE 01-02-2010 12:24 PM

I wouldn't close the site because of this. If it's what you want to do, keep it up. I'm sure a lot of players don't want to see it go.

icishoot 01-03-2010 11:33 AM

My squad looked into a raffle once - players could buy a ticket for a small fee and win a prize. Every thing we read indicated we were better of dropping the subject quickly.

Now I'm not a lawer - so we could have been mis-reading things. I would advise you to really research it out though.

For example here in michigan, we have to get a license. And from the paper work, we have to file a report detailing how many prizes were given under x-amount of dollars.

Stuff like this is highly regulated lol


Hellfighter 01-03-2010 01:27 PM

you can talk about this with a lawyer with in your state or country

they can look to see what needed to be cover for this.

some lawyers will talk it over for free about the Id to see what is needed.

you can talk free in the forum, but bottom line it very from location your in not all things are the same when it comes to the law of the land.

as for donation to your site! i would think you could use some of the funds to promote it in a deathmatch by getting say (Sample or any game) DF: Angle Falls for first in a death match the finnal 5 players out of 50 players (or 100 players) make it till the very end wins a free game for each of them or money change hands that the winner has to pay Taxes on the winnings for their location, like a source income.

but a lawyer would know better end and out!

filing the paper work by the lawyer would cost some money it very were you located in country or state.

alot of times lawyers would know and tell you how much it would cost before doing any of the paperwork up on this or they looking into it and let you know after they did some research on it.

CarpeDiem 01-03-2010 09:28 PM

Well, probably best not to perpetuate the idea.
Or, let alone, post it for public viewing.
Remember?, we have a "confidential Informant" here...:rofl:

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